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Quirky and Unique magic

Hi, I'm Alex Kirk

I am a South London based magician that specialises in comedy stage and close-up magic. I am proud to be a full member of the magic circle, because they don't just let anyone in.

It all began when Dad introduced me to Tommy Cooper, I was instantly hooked on the combination of magic and comedy. Tommy had all these wonderful props which just fasinated me and he had so much fun just playing with them. He appeared to be having a ball whilst carrying everyone else along for the ride.

I also discovered the silent film comedians such as Harold Lloyd and Buster Keaton. Seeing a joke or drama in purely the physical expression enthralled me

I can't be my idols but I am, I hope at least a fine blend with a lot 'me' thrown in.

Whether your next event is for corporate or personal, I'll be ready to help make it a success!

This is what I do

I provide magic in a variety formats, depending upon the style of event and your needs.

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Total Gloom Removal

Stage Magic

A bespoke 45 minute magic show tailored to your needs! Plenty of audience participation to give the room a bit of vroom. The ideal way to avoid DVT and the chance for some of your guests to be stars and steal the show! Rest assured no one is embarressed, they get all the applause.

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Personal Valet

Close-Up Magic

Performed right under your nose or in your hands! I wander the room or visit dinner tables. Guaranteed to remove any particles of apathy and lacklustre from individuals or small groups leaving them buffed with joy.

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Group Therapy

Parlour Magic

We split your guests into groups in a mysterious way, just to create a bit of chatter! Then in turn, each group is invited to join me in a private room for a 10-15 minute intimate magic show. The 'Wonder Room' creates excitement and expectation and lets me bring a bit of theatre to your home. It refreshes the parts other legal recreation cannot reach!

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Your Big Day

Wedding Magic

A little connubial conjuroring for the best day of your life.

Everyone loves a wedding, especially their own. I'll be on hand throughout the day to ensure the important people in your life enjoy the magic of your matrimony. Cracking open cliques and catalysting conversations at the reception drinks, around the tables, during the photographs.

"You don't go to a fun time, you bring it with you" My Philosophy
How I Work

My Process

I appreciate all my clients are different, and all their guests are individuals. No two events are ever the same. So I tailor what I do specifically for you and your event. It is a rather novel approach, but here is how I prepare for each new assignment.

The fun bit-Planning

  • We have a nice chat
  • I run all the unique information through my head
  • I imagine a bespoke package just for you
  • I get creative and dream up ideas to excite you
  • The hard part-creation

  • I research and create the effects/act
  • I perform the effects/act numorous times for research
  • I gather feedbackand analyse performances
  • I finialise the act
  • The best bit- Performance

  • I arrive on time and get everything prepared
  • I get to work as planned
  • Review of the event if possible
  • If everyone is happy then I get paid
  • "Your guests are the stars, I'm just there to help them shine" My Aim
    How I Work


    Here are some of the events that I've performed at.

    The Magic Circle Stage Show
    South London Magic Society Stage Competition
    The Magic Circle Dragon's Den Show
    London Improv Theatre Magician's Showcase
    The Magic Circle The Ali Bongo Show
    The Magic Circle The Ali Bongo Show
    The Magic Circle The Ali Bongo Show
    The Bread and Roses Theatre The Stand up Magic Show
    The Bread and Roses Theatre The Stand up Magic Show

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    Contact Alex

    Please tell me about your next event and I will let you know what I can do to help you.